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You want to be a member at the WCA? Below you can find all the information you need!

You want to become a Cutman / Cutwoman at the WCA, or you want training from other members of the WCA? Then check out our conditions.



1. The WCA standard cutman/woman


Cutman or woman with national or international experience, he / she must be able to work independently on all events and be conformed to WCA standards.



 2. The beginners who are interested in becoming a cutman and are motivated. We will show you step by step everything you have to know, so that every member will have the same knowledge all over the world.



Cutman / woman in training with no experience but a member of the WCA, will be under the guidance and help of a WCA Standard Cutman.
Beginner courses are also possible, however they include a full course and a six-month co-operation with the responsible Country Leader. For more information please contact us. 



Furthermore, our standard members should fulfill following conditions. 


  • he / she must be able to work independently on all events and has to be familiar with the WCA standards
  • he / she must be able to work as hygienically as possible
  • he / she must be able to deal with stress situations
  • he / she must be able to recognize swelling and treat with the Enswell
  • he / she must be able to handle cuts and use adrenaline or other approved blood-stopper responsibly
  • he / she must be able to create handwrapping according to WCA standard and professionally.
  • he / she must be able to work both nationally and internationally
  • he / she must be able to act ethically and with integrity
  • he / she has to be aware that there is no politics or racism in the WCA
  • he / she must be loyal to the WCA and able to deal with his brothers and sisters decently, respectfully and helpfully


Our beginners should fulfill the following conditions  (Candidate cutman)

  • he / she must be loyal to the WCA and able to deal with his brothers and sisters decently, respectfully and helpfully
  • he / she must be willing to learn and be committed
  • he / she must complete a full course with a WCA certified instructor to achieve standard


Monthly membership fee is € 6.00 per member 



Please contact us for more information.

We are looking forward to meet you.



The Start of WCA

On January 6, 2019 a small group of cutman had the idea to create a completely new and exceptional association for professional cutman all over the world.

We wanted to create a big team of cutman, where everyone has the same philosophy and spirit for all areas of matial arts.

The WCA takes care of all members, including people that are interested in becoming a cutman/cutwoman, beginners or professional cutman, doctors, healthcare professionals and seasoned supervisors.

It is our philosophy to support each other in all needs and to be available for non-members who have questions in all areas of martial arts!

Together we want to become the best and most modern association of the world.

We are Cutman and Cutwoman from all over the world. Together we will learn from each other. We will always treat everyone with respect and even in difficult times, we will be fair and understanding to all our members.


The WCA is not just a team, we are a martial arts family


We are very proud so say that we can already count over 80 active cutman/ cutwoman in the short time of period

that have decided to join the WCA.

Moreover, we will be very happy to welcome many more.


So no hustle! Please contact us if you have any questions or want to join in


How the WCA works:


In our association, everybody has a voice. During votes, every member has equal voting rights. We make decisions together, not against each other.

One of the main facts in our association.

For a two-year period, all members vote a Chairmen and an understudy Chairmen.

Furthermore, all members vote for an accountant. The accountant is responsible for sponsoring, arranging seminars, meetings and all other financial needs.

For all decisions, votings will be arranged on previous announced dates.


All members of the WCA pay a monthly/ half-yearly or yearly annual fee, into the bank account of the WCA.


On the 07.04.2021 following members were selected :


 1. Chairman WCA Markus Schwer, Germany  

      period of office from 07.04.2021 to 07.04.2023


2.  Chairman WCA Michalis Sioulis, Greece  

      period of office from 07.04.2021 to 07.04.2023


      Minister of finance WCA Carola Schwer, Germany 

      period of office from 07.04.2021 to 07.04.2023