Partners and links

One of the biggest boxpromotion in Germany.

Markus Schwer, Gökce Türkoglu of the Team Cutmen Bodensee work for this promotion.

First Punch - Boxpromotion in germany.

Michael Schmidt and Tommy Mccormack work for this promotion.

Golden Boy Promotion - one of the biggest promotions worldwide.

Aaron Zamorano works for this promotion.

We Love MMA - one of the biggest german MMA promotions.

Gökce Türkoğlu works for this promotion.

Empire pro tape is one of the most used tape in the world.

Accepted from BBBofC and AIBA and most of the biggest boxing associations.

Michael Schmidt had worked for this famous

kickboxing association. 

Willem Verdonk works for Glory Kickboxing

A.F.S.O  World United 

Team Cutmen Bodensee , personally Markus Schwer, are headcutman worldwide

Fight24 is the german no. 1 for streaming combat sports