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1.  Chairman WCA Mr. Markus Schwer, Germany  

      period of office from 07.04.2021 to 07.04.2023


2.  Chairman WCA Mr Michalis Sioulis, Greece  

      period of office from 07.04.2021 to 07.04.2023


      Minister of Finance Mrs Carola Schwer, Germany

      period of office from 07.04.2021 to 07.04.2023

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Newest Member of the WCA 


• Mrs Iro Chasapi, Greece

• Mr Greg Yeoman, Canada

• Konstantinos Kokozidis, Greece


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The innovation is progress. Members of the WCA works an new wristbands for corner work.

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Mr. Michael Schmidt, Germany, is no longer an active member of the WCA at his own request until further notice. Mr. Schmidt would like to take care of some private projects in the near future.

We wish our founding member much success for this period and hope for a return to our association soon.


We the WCA sincerely thank him for his great services to the association. 


WBC News




WBC sets new specifications for the weights of the boxers

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WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman announced in a press release at the beginning of the year that the association is launching a so-called "Weight Management Program". That's what the boxers, managers and promoters have to do, otherwise they face punishment.


A few novelties, a few tightenings


World Association WBC would like to pay more attention in the future to the weight of the boxers and how to handle them. In times when it is possible, thanks to a highly scientific approach, to lose and to increase quantities of kilos within a very short time, guidelines and rules are now being drawn up which are often intended to prevent unfair and dangerous methods.


Here are the new specifications in the overview:


1. The weight the boxers have on the day of the signature of a fight must be disclosed. The boxers' management is instructed by the promoter to provide the WBC details.


2. The WBC will continue to weigh the boxers 30 and 7 days before a fight, in addition to a weighing 14 days before the fight.


Specifically, it looks like this (in brackets it is stated how far the boxers may be above the limit of the respective weight class)


30 days before (10%)

14 days before (5%)

7 days before (3 &)

3. The promoter, along with the respective commission and WBC supervisor, must ensure that a balance is available on the day of the battle, in which the boxers are rebalanced. If the boxers have increased more than 10% on the previous day, penalties are threatened (see point 4).


4. Non-compliance may result in the following penalties:



Fine of up to $ 5,000 (for points 1 and 2)

Non-staging of the fight

Up to 30% of the stock exchange will be retained (for item 3)

The reason for this procedure is probably first and foremost the safety of the boxers. Recently, Adonis Stevenson suffered severe brain injuries in a WBC title fight, where it can not be ruled out that the dangerous process of weight loss was contributing to this dreadful outcome. Therefore, this can be considered as an important step towards a more rational handling.



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